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So Here’s what’s happening: My old computer that I had set up to administer the old website in now history (XP box, incredibly slow) has gone belly-up!.

I have a new computer and will not install the old web builder software in it. So now I’m in the process of rebuilding my website from scratch. So bear with me… NO picture files have been lost! They will become available again as I rebuild my home page but first I must rebuild the Potter’s Bridge Training Ride website since the riders will be referring to it for timely information/status. The ride starts April 2. This new computer and web software should allow me much easier access to keep the site updated. I plan to restore picture albums starting with the newest and then working my way back in time. Of course, special requests for pictures are always welcome.

Onward!…. Mike and Buddy

P.S. Check back often as the rebuild should go MUCH more smoothly and quickly than could have been done with the old system!



Oh yeah, this link works!

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